How to Promote Wealthy Affiliate And Make Money Online 2022

How to Promote Wealthy Affiliate And Make Money Online 2022
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How to promote Wealthy Affiliate with their affiliate program and make money online.

Consider these three facts regarding Wealthy Affiliate:

First, the tools, training, and community at Wealthy Affiliate can benefit the lives of more than 3.5 billion online individuals.

Second, there are 100,000 Google queries monthly for “how to make money online.”

Thirdly, and this is the best one: In order to create a very successful and profitable internet business, it’s only necessary to advertise Wealthy Affiliate to a small fraction of these people.

This guide will explain how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make money online. Hundreds of people already make more than a regular income with Wealthy Affiliate, and that’s something you can enable others to do as well.

A. Is Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate program to promote?

Wealthy Affiliate runs an excellent affiliate program. You can join and promote it for free to begin earning referral commission income once you read this guide on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best affiliate program to promote in the make money online and internet business niches.

Why is this the case? Well, they’re the real thing.

In this video, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate describes just how the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program functions, outlines some of the best ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and gives a comprehensive description of the commission compensation arrangement.

wealthy affiliate affiliate program
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You can be positive while advertising Wealthy Affiliate. And your recommendations will be grateful! The following are only a few compelling reasons that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 affiliate program to promote in the affiliate marketing niche.

B. Why you should promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn money online: 6 reasons

1. Wealthy Affiliate different in a pleasing new way.

And by “different,” I mean they put their money where their mouth is.

For over 16 years, Wealthy Affiliate is fulfilling its promises to train not only newbies but also seasoned entrepreneurs how to build and execute successful and lucrative online companies.

Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, have emphasized that isn’t a get-rich-fast scam or some infinite money faucet method. Instead, it’s built on a robust and stable business plan that emphasizes training.

They do claim, however, that by following the instructions and doing the job right, you will be able to live the life you want.

2. Wealthy Affiliate is always improving.

Despite having nearly a million members, the Wealthy Affiliate staff is not complacent in the face of their success and is always moving ahead.

They are continually evolving, whether it is through their world-class website builders, their free hosting and domains, or the latest revamp of their complete training platform.

3. The Wealthy Affiliate community is absolutely amazing.

what is the wealthy affiliate online community

You’ll have a really hard time trying to find an online community that excels the active and engaged community at Wealthy Affiliate. You can find veteran marketers available there 24/7, and you’ll notice them assisting newcomers to begin.

In the Wealthy Affiliate network, members can get assistance and guidance if they’re stuck or confused.

4. People may try Wealthy Affiliate out for free.

You shouldn’t have to pitch the benefits of joining as a member since Wealthy Affiliate basically does all the selling on its own. No one has to just believe you; they can try out the entire system for free and form their own opinions.

5. You will earn recurring commissions every month.

You are rewarded whenever someone upgrades from the Starter to the Premium membership plan and will continue to receive monthly commissions for the lifetime of their membership.

And thanks to their high rate of retaining customers, you can keep earning money from the very same people for months or years.

6. Wealthy Affiliate is an complete suite of tools without Upsells.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive internet business center that has ALL someone must know and possess.

  • All the business tools and resources in one place. Keyword research tools, assigned tasks with each lesson and website feedback (to name a few) means once you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate they’ll never have to look anywhere else. Everything they need is right here.
  • Wealthy Affilliate offers top-notch training for affiliate marketers, including step-by-step tutorials and lessons, instructional videos, and interactive features.
  • When you want expert assistance, you can rely on them. Need your questions answered? Members may get help from the community via live chat and Q & A sections.
  • Free members get two free websites, with free hosting and domainsPremium users get access to a robust online platform that hosts 1 to 50 websites.
  • Wealthy Affiliate’s simple website builders offer upwards of 6,000 site templates to select from. (They sure don’t cut you short!) They also provide website health-checks, and daily automatic backups.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start earning commissions!

Activate Affiliate Account

C. How much money do you make when you promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Even if you are a free Starter member, you can earn commissions by referring members to Wealthy Affiliate?

Isn’t that awesome?

But do be aware that Starter members only earn less than HALF of what Premium Members do.

If you are a Starter Wealthy Affiliate Member:

The commission you receive for those who upgrade to Premium membership is 25% lifetime commissions. So:

  • In the first month, your commission is $4
  • Each month they are a member, you receive $11.25
  • An annual membership for a referral will cost $87.50

If you are a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member:

Your commission doubles as a Premium member, in addition to earning $1 per free account referral. Your commission is 50% for life. The consequence is:

  • For their fist month, you’ll get $8
  • Every month after that in which they remain a member, $23.50
  • And if they select the Annual Plan, your recurring commissions are $175.

The Premium yearly option is preferred by many Wealthy Affiliate members because it offers a savings of 36% over the course of the year.

how to promote wealthy affiliate and make money

D. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Vs. Premium Membership: Comparison Chart

wealthy affiliate starter vs premium comparison chart
Wealthy Affiliate Starter Vs. Premium Membership: Comparison Chart

E. How to Promote Wealthy Affiliate And Make Money

Las Vegas Incentive

Here’s another incentive to promote Wealthy Affiliate, just in case you needed one!

You can earn an all-costs-paid trip to Vegas (including flights and hotels!) for an action-packed, fun-filled three-day affiliate conference if you refer 300 or more Premium members to Wealthy Affiliate within a 12-month period. Not only that, you’ll get to meet the Founders and leaders, like Kyle and Carson.

To qualify for this Free incentive, all you need to do is recruit less than one premium member per day.

And what you’ll get with it is:

  • Paid Flight Costs (up to $600)
  • All Hotel Accommodations for free
  • Wealthy Affiliate Swag Package (big stuff)
  • Converse With Other Super Affiliates
  • A private 2-hour meeting with the Co-founders
  • Show in Vegas you won’t want to miss

How eager are you to start receiving serious commissions?

Get Started Now.

Double Your Commissions!

…Best thing is, Wealthy Affiliate will tell you exactly how to do it! That is, how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make money online to earn serious commissions.

You will learn how to maximize your commissions through Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp program with the step-by-step strategies they provide.

You will learn dozens of effective Wealthy Affiliate marketing strategies in seven phases of video training.

Upon signing up for your free account, you will receive a unique link with your ID.

If someone clicks on the link and joins Wealthy Affiliate, you receive a commission every time they do so. Whether you promote Wealthy Affiliate in person, on social media sites, on your own website, or through paid advertising, there are so many ways to profit.

Some more ideas are listed below (and there are many more besides).

how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn money
how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn money online

E. To Get Started, Click Here To Create Your FREE Account!

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